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The next generation of
feed additives / premixes: SilyAdd SSF
The revolutionary product combination designed in
European Research and Development labs.

About SilyAdd SSF

The new SilyAdd, designed in the European Design and Development departments of BMP ‘Feed and Function’ is one of the latest and most innovative products on thet market today – especially in the poultry and pigfeed sectors. The elaborately microencapsulated active ingredients of silymarin and formic acid ensure optimal results in nutrient utilisation, overall animal vitality and healthy, successful growth. Welcome to the rollout of the next generation in feed additives / premixes!



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SilyAdd SSF - the revolutionary combination formula for the feed industry:

Healthy growth, optimised feed conversion rate.

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The new SilyAdd SSF is the highly effective next-generation solution designed for the poultry and pig farming industries. Many positive advantages are generated with the innovative combination of active ingredients like silymarin, the natural antioxidant of milk thistle, and the organic acid (formic acid) which can inhibit both germs and bacteria – bound in the revolutionary microencapsulation developed in European research.

    • Optimised hygiene in feed development for natural protection against bacteria.
    • Improved feed conversion rate supported by a healthier intestinal flora.
    • The newly developed microencapsulation of the ingredients improves their shelf and service life, protects them from environmental factors, regulates controlled dosages, and neutralises the otherwise bitter odour and taste.

Formic acid considerably reduces the formation of bacteria, especially salmonella, fungi or yeasts, which often find optimal growth conditions in automatic feeding systems. At the same time, adding this organic acid reduces the pH in the stomach of the animals, resulting in the desired increase in lactic acid and achieving higher enzyme activity and protein production. This facilitates the optimum utilisation of the feed and its nutrients in the stomach of the animals. The antioxidant silymarin, derived from the milk thistle, has been used for centuries to protect liver function and detoxification. SilyAdd harnesses various other beneficial effects of silymarin in their superior-quality extract from this medicinal plant. Silymarin has an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory effect and strengthens the immune system. It is commonly known to protect the liver and support its important function for the animals. The innovative microencapsulation of SilyAdd also ensures that its active ingredients pass through exactly where they are most beneficial – in the entire gastrointestinal tract, with a controlled release.

The meat and poultry industry is constantly faced with the challenge of developing applications and strategies that optimise business growth and performance on the one hand and on the other hand ensure the health and safety of your animals on the latest scientific level.

SilyAdd from Feed and Function offers a new dimension in feed additives / premixes: Dosing according to recommended quantity, but innovative and with multi-level effectiveness. The combination of silymarin from the medicinal plant milk thistle with the effective antibacterial formic acid and its salts, now optimally available in a new microencapsulation, facilitates excellent growth and better feed conversion rates at low and cost-saving dosing